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How rank my gig


hi i have question about gig i rank my gig to top of page.give me some tips.i shared the gig over the social media.what is the best way ?


Deliver high-quality work that earns positive reviews. This is how you rank higher in Fiverr’s search results. Hard work is required. You won’t be at the top of any page if you aren’t willing to treat your gigs like a business and promote and market them.

There is no easy road to the top.


thanks for you valuable words.i have positive reviews and have got some tips.but i’m getting less order


What kind of work are you doing to market and promote your gig?


i used social media.share over the groups


That’s not marketing and promotion, that’s posting links to your friends on social media, and spamming groups in the hope that someone sees your services. Neither of those are long-term marketing options.

Figure out who your target customers are, and then go to where those target customers are located and tell them about your services. Marketing requires targeted work, not randomly posting links and expecting great results.


please tell bit more about that.i’m going graphic design(Photoshop related works).how can i i find target customer and how to market my service.please give me some advice.


You can learn everything you need to know about marketing and promoting something by searching for articles on the internet. I do not have the time to give you a step-by-step manual. You have the ability to do your own research. As a freelancer, you are expected to do your own research, your own marketing, and your own sales work.


Your thoughts are very valuable, @jonbaas.

I’d like to send you a pm here on the forum about promoting and marketing…not for you to teach me one on one, but a few targeted questions I need answers to, if you don’t mind


My time is valuable too. :wink:

I won’t give you instructions on how to do things (that would be your responsibility), but I will answer your questions, if they aren’t complex, and don’t require essays in response.


if anyone have valuable ideas or some helpful link,please share with us


i always prefer to share on all social media platforms and pages! maybe it will help you too


yes,have some one got blocked from posting on social media.they see it as a spam.that is the biggest problem,how other people handle this,any idea ?


-Honest and passionate with your skills and platform
-Provide high quality output
-workout on communication skills
-Get positive reviews
-Use buyer request
-Use forums and social media platforms ( if you have potential followers in your list who need your services)
-Use Fiverr Mob App to respond each and every query rapidly
-Don’t copy be unique and creative

Note: If you will do above things then you can be millionaire very soon :stuck_out_tongue:



thats not enoght, you need to be more agressive, search for clients in specific pages, search it on reditt, twitter, etc… read the post and ask them everytime you can… i now spam its bad, but its the first step to grow… later the clients come lonely


xD dont copy, or fiverr can bann your account… (sound better hajajaja) xD


LOL, I giggled reading this ~ of course :watch: is money and :money_with_wings: is time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s time to create a gig just for this purpose. :upside_down_face: Yanno, money/time and all. :money_mouth_face:

Your expertise is wanted ALL OVER the :world_map:.


And, unsurprisingly, he has not sent me the private PMs he said he would. Perhaps he wanted what I said I would not provide. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Give him a little more time, Jon. Maybe he’s still drafting the brief. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


There’s a draft in his briefs? Oh… wait… I read that wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: