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How rank one on fiverr and get order fast

How to get order fast

Promote your gig to social media…

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. It takes time, patience, and a lot of work. If you’re only here to “get orders fast”, then this probably isn’t the site for you.

twitter is the best option for promotion.another most important thing is your gallery image of a certain must be highly attractive and in a high resolution format .


That’s right :slight_smile:


I think, fiverr is best way to earn money using internet but do not hurry just keep patience.

ok thanks

Hi, welcome to the world’s best online freelancing site fiverr. You can rank your gigs by

  1. Placing a professional display image
  2. Place a professional display video which describes your services
  3. Keyword filled description, you can go through similar gigs of yours to get an idea
  4. Promote, Promote and Promote, especially FB,Twitter and YT
  5. Create a video in youtube which describes your services
  6. Post your ads on FB business and Google plus groups
  7. Post your ads on Business forums
  8. Always over deliver
  9. Make a better relationship with clients and make them happy, so you will get recurring orders as well as tips
  10. Keep your overall rating high


It’s not really needed. In fact, it’s all about keyword usage and value of your page. I have talked to some TRS that I got the impression have no idea how exactly they get such a huge volume of sales.


Hi… you can follow these three simple steps

  • Make Unique, Attractive gig. Give that service which you feel you are the best.
  • Promote Your Gig on Social Media
  • Be Polite to your customers.

You’ve also been caught putting spam on the forum. (You put advertising in categories other than My Fiverr Gigs.) That will actually decrease your chances of getting buyers and therefore getting ranks. You can advertise in the correct category but don’t spam.

Your stock profile photo doesn’t do you any favors either.

Great tips. let’s see either they work for me or not.

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Do you’ve any specific groups or pages at social media where you advertise your gigs?


‘Social Media is more useful for BUILDING LOYALTY than for creating customers from thin air,’ Jay Baer ( President, Convince and Convert

It takes time for social media to increase conversion rates. At the beginning you will find high impressions, but low clicks on your link.

This is because ‘people buy from those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.’ It takes time and patience to cultivate trust in your prospects or followers.

This is like sending heavy traffic to your landing page/sales page. According to Marketing Sherpa ‘61% of marketers send their leads to their sales pages. Only 27% of these leads will be qualified.’ That is less than half.

What should one do then?

Find some platform to give away FREE useful content. Social Media visitors will love that. Consistently done, they will come to know you better — and even like you. If that content is of high quality and helps them solve some of their problems, they will trust you.

This is called 'warming up your prospects before they land on your sales page — ready to buy. It is called or coined ‘pre-selling’ by Ken Evoy of SiteSell Inc.

By following this process what you get are nurtured leads. Such leads, according to Annuita Group, increases sales by 47%.

Talking about split testing, it is good. But statistics show that 'only one out of eight(1 out of 8) tests have driven significant change (Conversion XL)

Cold calling?

Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment(Leap Job)

Content Marketing makes ‘60% of the buyer journey complete before prospects reach out to the vendors,’ The Corporate Executive.

Share Your Gig on social networking site , blog , forum etc .