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How ratings are decided by the system?

Hi I want to ask that if our 5 star reviews are more than 2 or 3 star ones then why the overall rating is down?


Because review scores are an average.

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Alright, if I got 1 2 stars review and 1 3 stars review out of 20 reviews and the rest of the reviews are 5 star so how can I make my ratings better again? Now the overall rating is 4.8…how to make it 5 again?

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(1⋅0+2⋅1+3⋅1+4⋅0+5⋅18)/(0+1+1+0+18) = 95/20 = 4.75

So, assuming Fiverr rounds up…

(2⋅1+3⋅1+4⋅0+5⋅98) /(0+1+1+0+98) = 495/100 = 4.95

Thus you’d need 80 more five-star reviews. (And no more of lesser ratings.)


Okay thanks for the info :blossom: