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How "Recommended For You" gigs right under a related gig description affects the seller

Lately, I noticed that when I search/view a gig, I see this “Recommended For You” related-gigs directly under gig description. Check this snapshot:

This happens to some other gigs in different categories too. I personally think this drives potential buyers away from a given gig as a result of seeing other gigs that offer same service at different prices and/or slightly different features.

I think the system should remove this feature and allow potential buyers to actually do the comparison themselves as they already have many related gigs as results when they search a specific keyword/service.

You can comment what you think. Thanks


Your page looks like a bug to me. You are supposed to see the gig description. I just now looked at one of my gigs and see my description in that spot.

i believe it’s visible to some users when gigs are in a particular category.

I think it’s one of those things (again) that not all of us can see - a test perhaps?

I only see the “Recommended for You” when I’m in (chrome) incognito mode.


Under the descriptions on all gigs I see the recommend thing too. I just checked on one of my gigs and there are two similar gigs recommended.

@andaluzia I see it on your gigs but not on mine. I see it only on your best gig.

I don’t see under yours either and yes, I have seen some recommendations, especially newish sellers under my gig.

They might try to promote the new sellers. I don’t know. And I am a little bit tired of getting worked up about the new constant changes. I had a few days with no orders so I had a little more time to work on new projects.

It shows both ways…

I totally understand the feeling with the constant changes…