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How recommended gigs are chosen?

Hi friends,
It has been a week that I created 4 new gigs.Currently all my gigs are in “NEW” section and each have received less than 300 impression till now.I am feeling pretty discouraged.My question is how recommended gigs are chosen?

I don’t know exactly how they are chosen, but I assume you need to start getting orders and favorites for your gig to become recommended. It will take time.

If your gigs are new, they’re probably in the new section. Don’t worry about it, we all start with new gigs, sometimes I even hire new sellers because I know they might be eager to offer more for less. Other times I hire experience sellers because I know their quality and reliability has already been proven.

Of course, any seller can disappoint. People think they’re safe by messaging before ordering, but they’re not. I’ve gotten 5-stars from people who didn’t message me and cancellation requests from those who did. A buyer won’t know if he’ll like the work until he gets the work. Some buyers have unrealistic expectations, are too picky, or just hired the wrong person.

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you have to get positive reviews from your buyers, when they recommended your gig, then it will show on that section. I hope this is the way. . .

I think this is not correct because many gigs are in RECOMMENDED section with 0 review.

There is a system on the back that makes your gig recommended,they make gig recommended on the bases of there services and rate of views and impressions.

yeah agree with you bilalahmad on this will find many new gigs (0 viewed) in recommended tab.

IMO fiverr also count into other aspect of a user, say

  1. how old your fiverr account is
  2. if a user have multiple gigs with good reputation and if he/she adds a new gig , even if it has ‘0’ viewed appeared in recommended tab.

Well thats a mystery and we all gotta find it by experiments :slight_smile:

I have a only 3 reviews and 6 favourite but it shows in recommended section. But my another gig has 158 reviews and 90 favourite but it doesn’t show in recommended category. I don’t get any idea what rules follow fiverr for doing it.

I believe it is a person that manually picks the recommended gigs. So they would pick the gigs that seem to offer the most value to a customer. Guessing it is based mainly on statistics. But also in part how good the gig is in comparasion to other gigs of the same category and how good it looks in that section.

Say you want your gig for a nice CV to be recommended. It seems to be a very graphical CV you offer. If I want my CV to look like that then I have to work with graphics. But then why wouldn’t I just do it myself if that is my job.

Also we could assume everyone else is doing that kind of CV for others. Maybe with a template. Maybe a lot cheaper. Either way they could have more to show or higher ranking and they get the business.

Maybe if you offered something everyone need (like a very nice ordinary CV, but with some cool touches) but no one offers you could instantly make the recommended section and make a lot more money.

That is just speculations though. It is a general idea rather than outright facts. Good luck

It’s mostly keyword based, favoritism(Uniqueness and demand of gig plus Fiverr’s editor personal taste), and things like volume of sales(or high volume of clicks/views.). There is also a random element in there that temporarily favors new gigs with no sales and I believe sometimes the system bugs and keeps them there for longer than need-be. I saw a gig once that had around five negative reviews but was on page one for recommended for many months. I have appeared on numerous categories in the past for many months at a time and the fact that I was able to do this on multiple gigs makes me believe I have the right idea down. As others have said though, ultimately this is just speculation.

Eh, how old the account seems to be seems irrelevant. I seen people get on recommended category on day one of their gig and account.

I believe that reputation though i’ll agree on that one. I have had other successful gigs with 100% positive and launched new ones that immediately landed in the recommended area in the past.

The Recommended Gigs are Hand picked Guys. It takes at least 24 hours to fiverr team to review the gig and they are the ones who decide what is going to appear at the recommended section. You need some luck. :slight_smile:

Yep, all through certain algorithms.

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very well said… and thats the truth… even iam a buyer n seller on Fiverr… i has such experiences as well !!


I agree, I’ve never had a recommended gig.

mystery … fiverr secrete :slight_smile:

No It’s probably not. Im a level 2 seller with 58 100%positive ratings and still there are level 0 sellers with 1-2 review who are outranking me for some reason. It’s getting worse and worse… Dropped from an avarage 10k impressions to 2k

is that reason new seller can not get recommended???