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How "Refer a Friend" works?


How “Refer a Friend” works?


Hey there, here is the answer posted in the Help-Section. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile: Cheers Andy


With the Fiver Referral program, you can earn rewards for you and your friends. As a registered Fiverr user, if you refer a friend to Fiverr, your friend will receive a free Gig. If your friend spends $10 or more, you will earn $5. The Fiverr Referral Program is open to all users on Fiverr.

To use the Referral Program as a Guest (not logged in):

From the Fiverr home page, click Share & Earn. You can also visit directly.
Click Join Now to sign up to Fiverr and participate in the referral program.
To use the Referral Program as a Registered User:

Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Invite Friends.
Once on the Referral page, you have the option to send referral emails to your friends in the following ways:

Invite Your Gmail/Yahoo/Microsoft Live Contacts - this depends on the email you used to register with Fiverr.
Email - multiple entries should be separated by a comma.
Social Networks - You can post your unique link through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Linkedin. You also have the option to copy the link to your clipboard and paste it where you’d like.
To see an example of your referral email, click Preview Email.
After your emails are sent or your link is posted on your social network, every time a user registers to Fiverr, the user will receive a free Gig. If the user makes a purchase of $10 or more, you will receive $5 in your shopping balance.

Note: Once a referral is received, you will receive a notification and an email. It may take up to two days for the reward to be processed.

To track your referrals, visit the Referral page. After you start receiving referrals, this page will load the statistics.
Note: Only email referrals can be tracked. Referral from social networks are not tracked, but you will receive credit if users registers to Fiverr as a result of your social link.


I can’t find share&earn in my home page guys! x( @acinger @zuhaibnaqvi


After mouse over my username, I can’t see “Invite Friends”! :frowning:


Can you tell me how to invite a friend through referral link because whenever i click on the Invite friend button it redirects to the homepage of i don’t understand how to invite.


At least I can tell you that he is not going to answer as its been One year. :skull:
Check this out.


Oops didn’t see that. Thank you! :slight_smile: