How Rich is the Fiverr's CEO/Owner?


We often hear about the Net worth of Mark Zukerburg & Sundhar pichai but never heard about Fiverr owner/CEO.
Does anyone him/her? If yes, Please share some information about his/her Nationality, net worth, education etc etc


It’s a bit out-dated but might have some answers to your questions. Fiverr HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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Fiverr is worth almost $700 million dollars.

Fiverr has 2 owners.

Worth Calculator:[/details]


How does it matter? …


Cause Grandmaa wants to become the next millionaire. :moneybag:


It Does matter, i think we should have the Knowledge about Our Boss :wink:


I have no boss. This is just a platform for buyers and sellers. We are not employees of Fiverr. We are independent freelancers. We don’t get paid a salary by Fiverr. Fiverr staff are employees of Fiverr.


Concur with Writer.

Boss is defined as someone that pays your salary. On 5r, the buyers pay your salary & 5r takes portion of your pay as compensation for using (or renting) a space on their platform.

Edit: 5r is more like a landlord than boss.


Fiverr is not my boss. As a freelancer, I am my own boss. I am merely partnered with Fiverr – I use their freelance resources, and in exchange, I agree to let Fiverr have 20% of my profits.


That´s the best way to see it :slight_smile:


When I was still working for some companies, I never wanted to know how rich my bosses are. I mean, did it matter for my life how much money they have? Nope. Not at all. :slight_smile:


Yes thats good to know :slight_smile:
I also search some stories like this on internet when get time!
How they started, what they faced and what they are now!
Otherwise even we dont want to know who is trump - obama or Putin or Modi :smiley:
not about Bill Gates or Mark Zukerburg! Wheres Himalyas or wheres sahara…
But we should have knowledge about this and its great!
Thanks for new idea @grandmaa :slight_smile:


Who is punit?


:smiley: spell mistake its PUTIN :stuck_out_tongue:
You dont know MODI ?


I know a lot about Modi from @writer99025 :grin:

Edited: Actually not a lot, but I have heard about him a lot from @writer99025 :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: you should try searching on internet ! He’s trend in India nowadays :slight_smile:


yeah we are partners of fiverr!