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How’s your July selling so far?


May was great for me until almost end of the month, it slowing down from June and now It is already dying out,What about yours?

Sales Drop Rapidly

Hi @mithila444,

I am doing great this month, but mainly because of one big order. Overall, my analytics show a slight decline from June to July - I guess entrepreneurs all around the world enjoy the hot summer months and I expect the numbers to go up again in a few weeks.


That’s Great. I also hope so to go up because this is painful not having any order :frowning:


I’ve had a decent amount of orders and I’m happy. I had most of June off since I was overseas, and I was worried having my account on vacation mode for so long would end badly. Things have been pretty good though!


July has not been so good but I am mostly to blame. I forgot to turn vacation mode on while traveling and when I came back, I had a couple of late orders and one cancellation due to lateness. I was demoted and my traffic nosedived.

But on the bright side, I had a couple of return clients placing orders and at least I made a decent income. I am hopeful that I will regain my traffic by next month as well as get new clients.


You are lucky then :slight_smile: Let’s see what happpe in the next. Thank you


best of luck Ronhi :slight_smile:


Thanks and to you too!


impressions and clicks have decreased as compared to previous months. waiting to get a good search position and hence more orders :slight_smile:


I was in out of the office mood ! Now has to be start earning clicks but no order…


Same here dear… Hoping for the best.


As you started newly now keep patient. Hope august will go great :slightly_smiling_face:


Really sad :frowning_face:
July is lowest earning month for me @mithila444
But why ?


same problem here.
But don’t know why it’s happening.


nothing , empty Inbox:pensive:


After best score at Jun, this month - worst, like in my first month on Fiverr


I heard entrepreneurs all around enjoying the hot summer vacation. May be that’s why!


I heard entrepreneurs all around enjoying the hot summer Vacations may be that’s why!


Sad ag151293 ! Have patient.


Yeah this month is going bad for me also. Best wishes