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How’s your June selling so far?

May was great for me until almost end of the month, it slowing down and June so far is almost died out, how about yours?


Mine is too “ok”, buyers constantly message and buy from me, cames too much for me.


till now no order.I try my best but no order yet


I had tons of big projects in April and May (highest order value was 700$) but now in June, there’s barely anything going on. I have 1 returning customer who keeps ordering $5 gigs but that’s about it :confused: I wonder how this is possible.

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May was so busy, but June is nearly zero sales.
Fiverr still a miserable platform.

Might just have to do with the season? Like April and May is around the Eastern Holidays, September and October is around Halloween? I am not sure, but I had even more orders in December than I did the last months for sure.

Generally, it’s a good idea to not only have one source of income when you’re freelancing to avoid those “quiet times” but Fiverr has kept me so busy for a year now that I didn’t have time to think about that. Maybe now is a good time.

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Just Now Cancelled a order :frowning: So It’s going to be bad.

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It really depends on the season, the need for what you do and how your doing it. And how much do you actually focus on improving each day. If you keep at it at a steady pace, I noticed that sales volumes keep similar ratio monthly when compared to the same month or period last year. I’m now having more work than usual, which means I can’t even finish my senten

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If you happen to have some spare time again (:smiley: ), would you be so kind to elaborate? The amount of orders I receive - at least to me - doesn’t seem like my doing. When I wake up in the morning and check my messages, I may have 10 new orders, another day (like today) I received no new orders at all. I know I could advertise my gigs on social media or answer for buyers’ requests but I’ve done both before and it didn’t help me at all to increase my sales. And the BR section is just filled with requests that would force me to work crazy amounts for the lowest rates.

I just took a glance at your Gigs;

  • I would create one Gig for translating Amazon listings and improving keywords
  • your picture on Gig images would up your sales. Less text and be unique
  • buyers love videos. If you are not as shy as I am (:blush:) and can present your service on Video speaking multiple languages, that’d be great, how often do we see that? Be unique
  • maybe improving your tags a little, when you enter into search “english german” you will get some suggestions on what buyers search for and maybe changing your tags to suit that

Just keep in mind, there is always potential to improve each day. I’m thinking on it each day myself and am sure I still got a lot of work to do to improve my Gigs

Ahh Okay, that’s what you mean. Thank you for the useful advice! :blush:
Don’t get me wrong, this is the first time I’ve had an actual day off since August last year and I joined in July '17. I do enjoy some free time since I got some health issues with constantly being stressed and working a good 18 hours a day. This is like a Spa-weekend to me :smiley: But whenever there is a little bit of a break I start worrying right away about whether or not this is the end of my existence (imagine me being very dramatic here! :smiley: )

I was thinking of adding videos to my gigs but I was very indecisive about whether that would even make sense since I am translating texts but the idea of doing it multilingual does seem pretty interesting. Might just use this break to work on my gigs :slight_smile:

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Roughly… :slight_smile:

I received 2 orders until now and one is in processing. Hope I can get more!

Wow sound nice ,keep it up…If you don’t mind would you give me some valuable suggestions in your precious experience .I mean how could you get the clients .please can share your personal experience.I shall be very thankful to you…

I don’t have any order or clients from may till now …Anyway you are doing great … Congrats and keep it up

Here are some important tips every seller should know [LONG]:


@insects44 thanks for the post for newbie.

Since I’m considered as a old seller here, I realised we only able to control 50% to getting orders.

The other half depend on ‘luck’, which included:

  • fiverr marketing your gig category.
  • seasonal sales
  • fiverr system changes
  • gig ranking & displayd depends on fiverr editorial mood

That’s why sometime we get loads of orders, sometimes zero.


That’s true! :slight_smile:

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True… Very true!!

Unfortunately, I changed the GIG metadata in the beginning of this month.
Now I’m not receiving any orders at least a message from a buyer.
Very Sad.