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How search tag works

Hello Everyone! Can anyone advice me, how Fiverr search tag work for a seller profile!
Is that # tag will help me to improve my profile and gig rank!

Thoughts and feedback always appreciated! :slight_smile:


They’re there to help your gigs get found if a buyer searches using one of the sets of words in the tags. It might help with gig impressions (and might help with gig rank) if the tags are chosen well.


Remember, this isn’t Google.

Ranking means nothing.

But as @uk1000 has stated, if a Buyer does a search on Fiverr for someone who provides (as an example) article writing, blogs, and web content, then only Gigs that contain those tags will be shown.


Thank you @uk1000 and visibility will be based on the review and earning/ label.

@looseink Yes got it.