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How seller avoid to get the acadamic work


fiverr banned the account of a friend. because he was doing academic stuff on their gig so please guide me how to avoid from such things


Just do not offer doing academic or homework.


actually i did not offer but buyers make order and i canceled 3 orders and right now my order completion getting 90 %


Then you should not have any concern about it if you are not doing it.

Your gigs are technical computer work so I’m not sure why anyone would contact you asking for academic work.


yeah actually the clients give some sort of assignments like of java or database work


Don’t cancel such orders on your own, ask support to cancel them for you, clearly telling them they are against the ToS and those cancellations shouldn’t harm your rating.
It’s no guarantee they won’t count against your rating then but at least a chance. I’ve had an order that was against ToS cancelled without an effect on my rate.


thanks for respons and i will contact to support from now today if i got any…