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How send Buyer request

Dear i am new at fiverr. please tell me how to send buyer request on fiverr.


Please change the link, Remove /seller_dashboard

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Hmm, try adding a video to your gig and also try making more gigs as it will bring more sales


how? i dont understand your

working on videos soon i will upload my videos


welcome here. wish you good luck

You can send buyer request just going to your Dashboard > More > Buyer Requests…

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Welcome. Go to dashboard, then more option & finally you will find buyer request option.

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First read the description carefully and try to understand which kinds of features buyer want. Then told a short description about the project, which buyers want? and told what is essential for complete the project, budget etc. Try to send uniq request many sellers do copy past, It’s not a good idea to copy past. Thank you.

Thanku so much for your suggestion, it was a great help.

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