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How should ameliorate gigs on Fiverr and get more sales?

Most of the sellers fight a lot in the start to create a strong gig. First of all keep track of your impressions. Check out the number of impressions on each gig and see how many times your gig appears in the search results.

Check conversion rate might not be high enough but that is alright. Doing some few things to improve your gig if you see that the impressions are going down gradually on your gig.

  1. First of all edit your gig where you will see Improve SEO title. Write down title well enough which should include the keywords from your gig’s main title.

  2. Update the tags on the gig. Tags are related to the keywords which buyers use to search for gigs which is why it is important that you use relevant tags.

  3. Write a great description of your packages. Attach actual amount of keywords in the description. You description must reflect your theme over the niche or category related to which you have created your gig.

  4. Use good quality image. Made a short video about your service and upload it if you can.

  5. Improve your response rate.

  6. Effective communication skill is important. Discuss the details with the buyers who send messages to you.

All these steps will help you in improving your gig and eventually get you work on Fiverr.


Wow, great tips. Thank you very much

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Thanks for your valuable feedback.

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