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How should I cancel as a seller to avoid negative feedback?

I’ve read several posts, but I’m unsure how exactly the process goes. If I need to cancel because my buyer asked for a lot of work but refuses to pay for extras and he would most likely give me negative review if I only did what he paid for (or he would cancel it later), what should I do?

I want to offer mutual cancellation. Will it be troublesome for me, if the buyer refuses the cancellation request? How will it affect my rates? I have 99% rating which is okay with me, but I wouldn’t want it to go lower because of this. :frowning: If he refuses cancellation do I have to somehow force it, through support?

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The way I tend to keep my feedback at 100% for those hassle buyers is to mention specifically that by them accepting a mutual cancellation they get their funds back in order to consider another Fiverr user. Mentioning they get all the spending money back usually results in a quick mutual cancellation if you do it almost immediately after an order. If you wait too long it tends to frustrate them. If they refuse the mutual cancellation, the next step would be to contact CS as long as you can prove your point that they’re asking for more than what you provide for an initial order. It’s especially easy to get a potential feedback removed or an order canceled if the buyer directly tells you they will leave a bad feedback unless you do what they say. Sometimes you get a bad CS member though, that simply states, “work it out with the buyer”. I got that once recently for an order of which I essentially got slandered in. They still wouldn’t remove the bad feedback and I had to end up mutually canceling and losing the funds but I couldn’t leave the slander on my gig page. In the end it depends how easily you can prove it. The more directly the buyer comes out and states things that are against the TOS of Fiverr, the easier it is to get feedback removed.

Reply to @freelancemm: Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I’m now waiting for the buyer to reply (I stated clearly and simply what I can do and what he would have to order if he wanted advanced version so it’s up to him to decide if he pays or if we cancel it) because I’ve heard the message with cancellation sometimes doesn’t show up and I wouldn’t want to cancel without explanation. But this is very good tip. I hope it will go smoothly this time. :slight_smile:

I had similar buyers twice, I worked as hard as I could, and they both cancelled it later, taking the finished piece but not paying a single buck… that’s why I don’t wanna go down that road again, it just takes so much time and effort :frowning: