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How should I do revisions?

So I completed my first gig and delivered it. I gave the guy unlimited revisions and he wanted a small fix. No big deal. But how would I go about doing that. He messaged me asking for the fix, but i dont know how i would turn in the revised product. Would I have him request a revision, or just send him it when its done. The only fear I have with just sending it through messages, is that he could just download it and cancel (I don’t think this guy would do that, but you can never be to safe). What should I do?

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Yeah, if he wants a revision he needs to press the revision button on the order so you can deliver the new version through the revision page.


yeah his best bet would be to hit the revision button. that way the order won’t auto complete and wotnot

as far as i know; anything you send him WITHIN THE ORDER PAGE that would normally be watermarked will be regardless, and if you have an order open you’re supposed to communicate there and not via inbox

Hello, Tyler!

Keep in mind that after the order is delivered and marked complete. The Buyer could still come back and request another revision(s). That’s the only pitfall with having unlimited revisions. You could potentially do them for the rest of your Fiverr career.


Are you serious ? I am shocked ;D
Thank god I never offered unlined revisions to any one…
Thanks, that was something new !


Yeah, it’s a double-edged :crossed_swords: sword. You could potentially have a Client, you wouldn’t request too many, maybe one or two at most. But then, you could run into a situation where the Client would use the unlimited revisions against you. If the revisions aren’t done, the Client could easily complain to Fiverr and say it’s false advertisement and request a refund. Eek!

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
Fiverr is your business, do whatever works for you.

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sorry if I am bothering you and for commenting on someone’s topics

Can buyer complain even after order is completed ? and fiverr can take action against seller in this case?

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To answer your question there been cases of that happening according to some users on the forum.


You can ask him’/her for pressing the revision button or simply upload your work one more time under the option “DELIVER AGAIN”

Yup, it happens. I’ve seen Sellers come on here talking about it.

The best thing to do is document everything. In any business, It’s better to leave a paper trail.
Make sure you’ve done everything the Buyer asked that was discussed. Reinforce the delivery by writing everything thing you’ve done. If the Buyer leaves feedback or a tip that helps, too when presenting your case to CS.

No worries, I don’t mind helping. :upside_down_face:


as a buyer who often orders gigs that offer unlimited revisions, this also surprised me. i went to the order page of such a gig that was completed a couple of weeks ago, and i don’t see a revision button, but it says if i need to contact the seller do so via inbox, which is what they all say

Hi, there!

Yes, when the order is completed. The only way to request a revision(s) is via the Seller’s Fiverr inbox. They would complete the revision and deliver it to the Buyer via inbox as well. Fiverr monitors everything so even though it’s via Fiverr messaging it’s still leaves a paper trail. If the Seller offered unlimited revisions, don’t hesitate to contact them.

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