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How should I improve my GIG?


Can anyone take a look at my gig from following link and tell me how could I improve it to get orders
at the moment I didn’t got anything


Your post needs to be under the category “My Fiverr Gigs.” before you can post a link to your gigs and ask for help to improve your gigs.

Btw~ Your post was moved to ‘Improve my gig’.

Why unlimited revisions? There’s a possibility that you’ll be working for the rest of your Fiverr life. :grimacing:


Sorry I didn’t knew that

I thought it will attract more buyers :confused:

It will attract people to take advantage of you. But you can roll with it for a few orders just to see how things go for ya.

Also, redo your profile description. Too many '!!!'

I’ll be honest looking at your gig packages, it just sounds too good to be true. I’m sitting here thinking, wow I get all that in one or two days. :bulb: You don’t want to come across as being desperate for the sale.


Thank you very much for the tips
I have updated my gig and also my profile description and removed ‘!!!’ :grin: