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How should I price my art when starting

So I’m not very sure how to price my first gig like others artist price it on head shots, half body and full body. Should I do this too because I want to do simple profile picture or should I give one price.


Price depends upon your services. my suggestion keep your price low the winning ration will be high. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I will keep this in mind and thank you for your response have an amazing day!!

Yeah. Also, I recommend put down your prices low. Because first you need to build your works and earn more clients after you can change your prices. However don’t worry sometimes clients give us tips.:v:

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Have a look at the competition in your category and see the sales they are getting.

Based on that information price your gigs accordingly bearing in mind that new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

Check this out: to help you create that perfect first gig.


Ok so 10 or 5 dollars and raise it when I get more levels. Alright ill figure this out thanks !!

Ok thanks for that ill look into it thanks again!

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I think 10$ fair. And you must give 20$ service. Because if you give better service to clients. They try to reach you again. I think you got it. All the best.

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I would suggest not setting your prices too much lower than what you want your prices to be once you get more orders.

I offered $5 gigs when I first started, but quickly realized that $5 isn’t nearly enough for the amount of work I do. After raising my prices to what I thought my work is worth, I now have this problem where I don’t feel right asking my repeat clients for the new price (since it’s significantly higher than before) and I’m doing all this work for not enough pay.

If you price yourself ony a little bit lower than what you want to someday make, you can gradually increase your prices easier without too much trouble.

Also $5 is where you’ll get the worst buyers. You don’t want to have them as clients or repeat clients.

As for how to structure your gigs, you can do full body, half body, headshot. Or if you only want to do headshots, you can also do line art, colored art, shaded color art. It’s really flexible and is up to you and however you think you can offer your work.

Good luck! :blush:

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So what do you mean by 20$ service is it what I give like another person commented I could charge more if they want shading and a background?

Oh!! Ok I think is the best way to price it thank you so much!! And thank you for the 5 dollar advice I appreciate it so much!

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@lloydsolutions you are helpful always and everywhere.

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Wait i will explain my experience. Everytime i talk with buyer before order. Because i am getting idea about buyer and buyer’s project. Some buyers are really great. So, if they choose my 5$ package( I haven’t any 5$ package. All are 10$) i try to give them extra items.

Example: if some one ask for flyer. I give them font details, colours, royalty free pictures, etc( like small pdf file) actually sometimes it no need to buyers. But i send that.

That why i called 5$ package to 20$ service. We must try to give better service to clients. I always focus on that. So, buyers happy with that. Because they have extra items. Like mockups etc.

Someone mention in comments you can find worst buyers on 5$ package. Mmm I can’t agree with that 100%. May be you can find 5%-20% buyers like that. :grinning:

Always focus buyers budget and your design quality.
All the best.

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