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How should I promote my Fiverr graphic designing gig?


Hello All I am create 3,Gig Bute no Oder and Buyer request Place help me Thanks .

Please visit my portfolio


@rakibull0 you need to promote or share your gig on social media.after ranking your gig you will get buyer request.


Thanks brother for your good sagson .


Thanks brother I am try.


@rakibull0 - I think your English proficiency is to poor. Suggesting you to improve that.
For Urgent Backup, Suggesting you to add Grammerly Extinction on your Browser.
That will help you a lot.


I realise you’re probably trying to help other users, but your advice does seem more than a little rude.

By the way, it’s ‘too’.

Apologies for the O/T.

For @rakibull0 - if you’re doing graphics gigs, have you set up a Flickr account? You can link to it from your gig descriptions and profile. You can also link back from Flickr to your gigs.


Thanks I am English is poor how to sey fully English please help me.


Start watching English Movies daily 2 times with English subtitles.
Try to understand.
Hope you will get success.


Oh thanks brother I am try I am very happy for your help.