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How should i speak to a buyer?

recently a buyer asked me for a job. but as I have not much experience, I was worried about the style of my speaking. please give me some suggestions on how to speak to a client. I will be thankful


Well, be polite and be professional, there’s not really much more to it. Basically, talk to them like you probably would to any other stranger.

You don’t need to be afraid of letting your own personal style show either (I’d even argue that you should, but that should be your personal unique style, not someone else’s style), as long as you still are polite and professional.

You can also take clues from the way the buyer communicates.
If they are brief and seem to not want to spend much time on talking, or perhaps have problems to express themselves in English, it’s probably a good idea to be brief, clear, and to the point too.
Conversely, if they are more personable and seem to like to build some rapport, ask how you are, or make a remark about the weather, you can certainly do the same if you feel like it, alternatively “keep your distance” while staying polite and professional.

There’s not really “the” set way to communicate with customers, just like there is not “the” right way to write an offer to a buyer request, and like you probably don’t talk to people in one set way “in the real world”, be it within or outside of a business setting, but you can’t go far wrong with “polite & professional” if you need a guideline.

If you need some pointers regarding phrases for general conversational English, or business English, you can find a wealth of books, articles, and such online or probably as well in your local library, mine has quite a few books on those topics.
Expanding one’s vocabulary, spelling, grammar, can never hurt when doing business on international English-language platforms.


wow. that describes a lot. thank you so much

Outstanding advice indeed!

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how can i speak and contact a buyer?

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@iqrah26, you cannot send message to buyers. Buyers send messages to you, if they are interested in hiring you to complete the services you offer. You can compete for responses in the buyer request section, but you cannot open a dialogue with those buyers unless they choose to contact you first.


@galib_bd though I am also a new seller but I also maintain the following things:
– Tell him what he want?
– Talk to the point not less not more.
– Ask more questions regarding the order.
– Try to correct you spelling and grammar.
Also you can find more and more after talking some buyer.

Happy freelancing.

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thankyou so much :heart:

Awesome reply… I don’t need to add anything more.

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The post of the day goes to you! :hearts: :trophy:

Nothing to say here… 'Cause you’ve covered all the basics. Can I buy you a cup of :tea:? :grin:


thank you so much :slight_smile:

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@miiila , It’s an amazing reply in brief. Thanks it’s helpful for me.

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I learned a lot…
Thankyou so much everyone

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