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How should I tackle this?

After working on a project for ten days and delivering strictly as per requirenent, the buyer writes this:
I have a small issue I’m not going to use this so I want to pay a portion but I don’t want to pay full amount because again I’m not going to use it

What should I do?


Has he placed an order? It’s not his decision how much he pays, it’s your decision. He has it backwards.

He should place an order first and only after that should you begin the work on it.

Tell him that you expect to get full payment for the work you do and after that if he uses it or not is up to him.


Its is a confirmed order placed through Fiverr.

So then he already has paid the price. That can’t be changed or lowered after you do the job. Tell him that. I’m sure he knows it already.

This guy sounds like he is angling for a refund. Tell him no. No need to negotiate, try to give him a refund or a partial refund as that isn’t what he agreed to. You need to be polite but firm and tell him since you did the job and delivered it then that is the completion of the transaction.


Thanks. I would do so.

The buyer raised a dispute stating :
She tried but due to the language barrier and other technical issues I realized that I still have to do it over so I do want to pay something for the effort but I still have to do it over so I don’t feel comfortable with paying full amount for something that I still have to do over
But the fact is I have completed strictly as per offer. There is scope of up to 10 revisions. He has not even asked for a single revision but stating the work to be unsatisfactory.

Please help.

Respond to the dispute by saying you completed the job as described and refuse to cancel the order. You don’t need to say more than that.

If he wants to do it over that’s up to him but you did the job and expect to be paid.

And each time he tries to cancel the order refuse and say the exact same thing as many times as needed.

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@misscrystal Thank you very much. I do not know why he is doing like this. Although this is our first interaction, but he is shown as a top buyer.

If you refuse the request, in the message you could (as well as saying you did the work to the requirements specified/as described in the gig) also let them know they have free revision available. They may give a bad review though if it isn’t cancelled but you could reply to that

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@uk1000 Thank you very much.

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This is a scam. Refuse all requests to cancel. Simply say:


I am very sorry that you are not 100% happy with your order. However, I have completed your order to the best of my ability and to your specifications. To do so, I have had to allocate time and resources to your project, and refuse other work opportunities.

Fiverr terms of service support my right to decline your request to cancel. I will, therefore, not be canceling your order. As my rates on Fiverr are already discounted, neither can I agree to accept partial payment.

Kind Regards,



That is great! Thanks @cyaxrex

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You have a lot of gigs offering writing and editing and one ven offering to write assignments that is against TOS.

But I quoted your message because you are offering writing gigs and your posts in this thread shows that this is not the right level of English to offer writing.
So I wouldn’t be surprised that your buyer might’ve didn’t like what you delivered. It is basically misleading buyers, you are offering quality writing gigs and editing but it’s just not up to a standard and that’s why your buyer probably asking for a refund being nice and instead of saying that you didn’t deliver it as promised in your gig and instead of cancelling she just though of being nice and paying at least half (even though it’s not possible on fiverr). Even if it might be an unpopular point of view.

For the person who flagged my post: it is definitely not inappropriate post and doesn’t break any community guidelines. So if you think that it does break a specific rule you can send me an inbox of what rule in your opinion it’s breaking and I will possibly edit it if it is indeed true.


I help instructors and teachers in writing assignments and quizzes. I do not write answers for students and learners.Thank you for indicating the grey area in the gig and I have edited the description accordingly.
And yes, the quoted statement is the result of agony that I was facing at that time. My apologies.

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Ugh I’m sorry. This is not right. These types of buyers are so entitled and selfish.

Your buyer filled a contract with you. He/she doesn’t get to change that contract retroactively or without your consent.

From what you’ve written, it sounds like they keep coming up with different excuses to justify not paying you.

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Sounds scammy. I would tell Fiverr. They’ll handle it.

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