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How should i talk about the charges with my potential buyer

One of my potential buyers messaged me on Fiverr describing their project and the kind of work they wanted from me to be done. But I was clueless about how I should proceed with the price that I want to charge from them. Just to avoid any confusion, I sent them a price offer that is given in the message box and till now they haven’t responded to that offer.

Can someone please enlighten me about how should I proceed with this thing next time with my potential buyer? What has been your experience in this? anything mistake I should not do?

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I would make sure you have a clear understanding of what they are wanting in regard to a custom order. I would make sure that you both have a very clear understanding of what “finished” looks like before you begin. If you have completed those 2 things, give them a price. Then they can decide if they would like to hire you.

I try to remind myself daily: It is better to have no work than to have the wrong work. Don’t get too desperate for the work.

My custom work is usually estimated at 2 or 3 times the hourly rate of my gig offer. It just takes me more time to work through the custom part of the order.

Someone said once that if 20-50% of your offers are turned down, then your price might be about right. If everyone accepts your offers then you might be priced too low. You have to make that call.

Good luck.


@landongrace I will adhere to your advice. thanks for everything.

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