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How should I treat my customers?

  • Respect. A buyer must feel respected by your side in order to have a great working relationship with you. Otherwise, he will never come back to you if he/she needs more work.

  • Uniqueness. The new customer is not your friend but is someone that is interested in your services. Make him/her feel precious. I usually write down the name of the buyer and every time I learn something about him/her I write it next to the name in order not to forget details that the customer told me about him/her. I’ve been a buyer in the past for a freelance project, I introduced myself and after a while I was pronounced with wrong name. That is not a deal breaker for the job of course but still it’s rude.

  • Be open and Listen! Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and not dealing with the reasonable requests could cause backlash.

  • Offer Support on past projects. Specially in IT categories, when something goes bad that you have created(WHEN IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT IT WAS MESSED UP), the customer feels awful and confused and what he/she needs most is some help. Offer it free. They usually show their gratitude. Also it feels nice!

  • Treat customer like a partner. Actually, the customer IS your partner. You both win. He/she wins the services you provide and you earn money. It’s a 2 way street. You need them as much as they need you.

  • Always say thank you. After each order say thank you. It is such a beautiful phrase. Use it. It won’t make you feel more tired typing it. People love to be thanked.

Thank you for taking the time reading this post.


I’ve never said thank you to a buyer except when they tip me.

When your customers always say thank you instead of you thanking them that’s when you’re ready to be a Top Rated Seller.


I think we can safely add this to the list of TRS criteria :wink:

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Nope. It’s a bad idea unless you wish to work for free and you don’t value your time.

That’s just creepy. Write down project requirements if you want, but leave out personal details you learn about the buyer.


I didn’t say how you should treat your sellers. This is a whole new category. You must thank your customers. I understand you let your work talk for your behalf but I believe you should always thank your customers for the opportunity they have given you to stand up for your work. That is my humble opinion.

PS: When I say you must thank them that doesn’t mean that your customers won’t thank you for your great work.

Please notice. When I say free I don’t mean they mess up and you clean the mess for free. That is loss of working hours that you could have a made some money. When it is your mistake then offer it for free. I had a seller that messed up and wanted more money to fix it.
Of course if the buyer messes up you ask for money :slight_smile:

Nope it’s not creepy. When I said my name and then the seller pronounced me wrong 2 times that was really really bad. I simply write down the basics so I get to know my customers better.

This awful advice. It does not feel nice when you deliver work in 2016 and a buyer comes expecting you to revise or do the same work again in 2017 because they have changed their business model or have accidentally deleted something. if you are going to offer perpetual free ongoing assistance, you might as well make an image for your gig which predominantly features the words “WALK ALL OVER ME MY TIME ON THIS EARTH IS COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.”


I already replied to that . :slight_smile:
Please notice. When I say free I don’t mean they mess up and you clean the mess for free. That is loss of working hours that you could have a made some money. When it is your mistake then offer it for free. I had a seller that messed up and wanted more money to fix it.
Of course if the buyer messes up you ask for money :slight_smile:

No, it’s still a bad idea. A buyer has 3 days to assess the quality of the work a seller has delivered. If in that time they miss some kind of error, they can ask the seller to fix this but it is completely up to the seller’s discretion if they do.

I get people coming back to me months after delivering videos and articles because they need a slight change. Even, if it’s my fault (which it usually isn’t) I can’t help them. I can’t possibly keep all the work I deliver on my computer organized in separate files for every buyer I have ever worked with just in case they come back to me one day down the line.

A far better option is to offer something like a $10 year long warranty extra.

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Hi thanks for your time to do a conversation.
I like the option for the warranty but you missed my point. In videos I understand that it would be frustrating but there are 2 possible ways, in the first one you are correct and in the second one I find you wrong.

  1. The one that you are correct. You deliver the video and after a month the buyer asks for a change. That change was not mentioned in your agreement in the first place. Here you ask for money. I TOTALLY AGREE.
  2. The one that you are incorrect. You deliver the video and after a month the buyer asks for a change. That change WAS mentioned in your agreement in the first place and you didn’t do it. Then you do it for free.

Do you agree with me?

No, sorry. This would have to be at the discretion of a seller.

As far as I am concerned, as soon as an order is marked as complete or is automatically marked as complete, my contract with a buyer is closed. If they come back a month later, I can’t guarantee that I will still have the source files I used for their project. In this case, I would have to make an entire video all over again.

Buyers are not Gods who need to be worshiped. THEY have a responsibility to check work when it is delivered and ask for amendments if necessary. If they don’t and come back 10 days later saying, “sorry, I was on vacation,” that’s tough.


Yes, I agree that it is good customer service to agree to remedy such matters freely when you can. However, this should never be employed as any kind of standard operating practice.

I used to manage a hotel. Guests would forget their phone or camera. I’d keep it for thirty days in lost property and after that get rid. There has to be a definite point of closure on an order. If there isn’t things just get messy.


All the examples you have used is when the fault is the buyers and I totally I agree. :slight_smile:
I am just saying when the fault is yours you correct it :slight_smile:

I’m not going to start thanking my buyers when they are thanking me profusely all the time.
Thank them for what, the chance to do what I do? I don’t honestly see anything to thank them for. I’m not grateful to them for anything, aside from tips due to the show of kindness.

What would you have been with 0 customers?

But I don’t have zero customers. I have lots of eager customers. They are grateful to me.
I’m grateful to fiverr for providing a way to expose my trade to the public.

That’s not what I asked.
You are partners. You must be grateful to them as long as they are to you. They need you and you need them. With none of them your business would have no need to even exist.

You go ahead and thank your customers but I do not feel grateful to them and I’m not going to thank people when I’m not grateful to them.

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I loved talking to you even we disagreed. Have a beautiful day !

With contempt. Just kidding, treat them as you’d like to be treated. Be professional but not subservient, you’re not a slave.

State the terms and conditions, and only be flexible when you think it benefits you, but don’t let anyone bully you into doing something you don’t want to do.

Lastly, a customer is not a partner. Partners share responsibilities, expenses, work, etc. Partners are often friends or people you know. Your clients aren’t partners, they’re not doing your job, you’re working for them. Some say “with them” but unless the client does more than provide instructions, he’s not really working with me.

Furthermore, you don’t have to make him feel precious, you’re not a Life Coach or wooing him/her.

If anything, being brief and not wasting time with unnecessary messages goes a long way.


Some might come from a culture where, if someone hires you, it becomes a master/slave relationship with the slave being so grateful for the chance to get food from the master so they can live another day.