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How should I work on fiverr?

Hello. I need help. I have an account that was disabled due to academic writing.Then I made another account that was disabled due to more account on my laptop. Actually, My sister had an account. I again made an account for requesting to restore my account. but they disabled again my account.I can never work on fiverr.
what should I do now?


Academic writing and multiple accounts aren’t allowed, you can find more information in Fiverr’s ToS.
Anyway, when they disabled your account for the first time you should have contacted them via email:


Yes, I got an idea about academic writing(research reports) from removing my gig. I want to work again in fiverr. I have sent an email too.

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I dnt have idea how to contact from customer support in the very first time. Even I dont know this platform very well.Is they allow me again?

Try to understand how to advise seniors. Step by step you may know all about the market place. After all I am also a new seller :slightly_smiling_face:. I have same process to make my self. Please check TOS and ask problem to @discobot.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

If you already sent an email to CS, then don’t do that again. It can took time before they reply and I’m not entirely sure they’re going to “fix” the problem, because, you know, ToS’ violation…

is there any alternative solution in order to take initiative again in fiverr. I found fiverr best for me than other platforms.I have not sold any academic work or its by mistake my sister made her account on my laptop.she has not her own.

Can I make new account again or waiting for response. it takes 3 days

Stop creating multiple account, please. It is prohibited by Fiverr’s ToS.
You shouldn’t keep breaking the rules

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okay. I got it now.I will not make any account without permission.Thanks

All your accounts have been banned. It looks like you have been told you are permanently banned. All this because you didn’t read the terms of service.

Your last hope is this:

First: read the terms of service

Second: DO NOT make another account. Not you. Not your sister.

Third: email CS ( ) ; apologise - grovel if you have to; beg them to give you another chance ; explain that both you and your sister want accounts on the one laptop and ASK PERMISSION

Fourth: in the highly unlikely event that CS relent, make sure you thank them profusely.

Fifth: If you get this far - which isn’t likely! - don’t draw CS attention to yourself again.


The freelancers do not contact to customers instead In your gig there is the option for buyers to contact you.There is another option for you to promote your gig that is to promote your gig in social platforms that are Facebook, linkedin, Instagram, twitter,r etc