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How show Disappear Gig in search result after Editing

Hi, I facing problem 8-10 days, my Top selling gig disappears in search result after Editing, I go to Fiverr support centre and complain 2 times but I can’t resolve my issue by the support centre.

How I Get resolve my Gig issue?

I change / edit my Gig Title and upgrade SEO title and then after few hours later I got my gig back in search.


Every time you edit, it goes through a verification process. It can take a few hours to a few days. This is why you should edit as little as possible, though as much as needed.

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Thanks, But 6-8 days my Gig disappear? I Edit 3-4 times, but i can’t upgrade SEO Title and my Gig Title. This problem solve with SEO title upgrade. thanks

Ask CS to verify and you should have gigs active in 2 days approx

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