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How so I avoid garbage spam sellers?

So, when I put up a request I end up with dozens of people applying, most offering services not related to what I am actually asking for. To me this feels like an attempt at scamming. Is there a way to get rid of this, a proper method for reporting these people, or anything else?

Are you sure they don’t know how to complete your request? Maybe they just don’t have a gig up for that service? I think it’s pretty difficult for a buyer to get scammed on Fiverr, Fiverr hold the money for a long time before they give it to the seller.

Take some time to chat with them about the project and you will know who to choose.

I am asking for someone that can review a wordpress plugin and write a letter about their findings with their credentials. Then I get someone that after I message them and ask for their credentials and they respond with

“I send you my previous work, I will do ui mobil, graphics and meakup after affects,”

So, during active conversation they are trying to talk about something else. Some even bailing out when I post my gig word for word in PM to them. So they never read the gig. They were never interested in it. They just puke spam their gigs all over to anything that has 1 vague word in common with what they want.

try to discuss with several sellers regarding your field.

I think Fiverr working on the topic to reduce
garbage spam sellers?
Thanks :slight_smile: