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How some one make money from a business directory website?


Hello there,

I opened this topic to learn and share my knowledge, how one can make money through a business directory website. a profitable directory website should has what features?


You don’t actually make money from a directory site. An online directory is merely a place where your site link is featured, and people can click on that directory link to visit your website.


Thanks for the reply,

I am talking about the business directory website like yelp , bnb etc. where business can post its address, video , gallery , service details and buyers can write random reviews about that business.


I see. Unfortunately, those are not money-making directories either, nor would they be compatible with Fiverr gigs. All Fiverr gigs can only be paid for within the Fiverr platform.


Yes, but I am offering a gig to design, develop and maintain a profitable business directory. I have witnessed 1000s of people have bought wordpress themes to design such money making machines.

yes, gig 's price will be paid and received within Fiverr that is truly secure for both parties , I admire Fiverr for this.

Here is my gig 's link:

a demo link can be requested on the Fiverr message.

I have worst experience with theme authors they used to not good in support but I will be happy to support my gig buyers. :slight_smile:


I see. So you’re offering a gig service to DESIGN a directory. I understand now. I’m not sure, then, what your discussion here is about. We can’t help you make a successful directory – that is the service YOU are offering to your clients. The only thing I – or anyone else – can help you with is improving your gig.

We, however, cannot make your gig profitable or successful. You’re going to have to do the work on your own to market and promote your gig to those who need directory development services.


Yes, I need accurate guideline and how to increase my sell?


Please do not hijack other people’s topics to ask for help. You can easily start your own topic if you need someone to pay attention to you.


I’m pretty sure that Yelp loses millions each year just in lawsuits.

Personally, I think that your gig concept is a little too niche. If I was you, I would focus on e-commerce website design. You can’t make money very easily at all off a business directory website and your buyers will be wanting a website which they can make money out of.


although I tweeted with a my gig 's link, people come on my gig but did not place me order. I counted 1000 clicks on a link that mean people visited my gig 1000 time a day but zero order. :slight_smile:


You responded to a comment that is nearly a year and a half old. You are not likely to get a response. So, I’ll jump in and provide an answer…

If you have 1000 clicks, as you claim, and no orders… then you clearly are not presenting yourself as a seller people want to hire. Have you researched your target customers? Do you know what they need? Have you taken the time to consider how your services can fulfill those customer needs?

If you have received 1000 clicks, as you claim, and no sales from those clicks, then you clearly haven’t done your homework. I encourage you to take to heart the three questions I asked you above, figure out how you would answer those questions, and then put what you learn from your study of those questions into action. Doing so will likely lead to customers who are more willing to hire you.