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How some people managed lots of orders at the same time?

I have seen some people in fiverr for logo designing have lots of orders at the same time! One person had 135 orders at the same time! She is individual! But my question how she had so much orders with 3 days delivery each? But I daily updating my service and I maintained 5 stars overall! But I cant even get around 5 orders in a week!


Some quick thoughts…

Online logo makers (which I am sure most Fiverr ‘I will design an original logo’ sellers use) take minutes to complete. You can create a reasonably convincing logo in 15 minutes or less. This is why so many portfolios look very similar in style.

Some people might also work in teams of say two or three sellers. Fiverr does allow this.

Also, no doubt some sellers sub-contract work to others. Those that charge $15 might sub-contract to a ‘designer’ who charges $5 for example.


So outsourcing your own services is allowed on Fiverr ? If yes that’s kind of lame …

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Why? Its very useful. Especially when you have 150+ orders in queue and gonna have large army of pissed off buyers because you don’t have time to do their order :stuck_out_tongue:

Different situation from my experience. Im a web dev, client wants - website, store and a forum. Now I can provide website and store but I don’t know how to do forum. So im outsourcing it.

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Yes, sadly it is. Very sadly.

The practice is known as ‘reselling’ and those who take part are ‘resellers’. Resellers very seldom let it be known that they are the third party / middleman.

As a seller, I have only ever had truly terrible experiences of dealing with resellers. While I hope there are some good resellers, in my experience they have little or no idea - and should things go wrong they will be quick to blame you as the seller. Often their English is abysmal, they can at times be rude, and tend to want to drive prices deep down into Middle-earth.

As a seller, if I get one whiff that a reseller is asking me to collaborate I will without question always say no. As you can tell, I don’t have time for resellers. Locusts.