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How soon can I withdraw earnings from Fiverr to Payoneer?

Hello everyone,

So I recently linked my Fiverr and Payoneer accounts.

I got an email from Payoneer that stated that my account is successfully linked and it reflected in my account as well since it shows Fiverr as a funding source.

Now what I want to know is that 2 days have passed and I haven’t received any email from Fiverr. Do I have to wait for a confirmation on Fiverr’s end to make a transaction to my Payoneer or is the confirmation only the one I got from Payoneer?

Would be a great help if you all share your first time withdrawal experiences so I can safely transfer my earnings to my Payoneer account. :slight_smile:


Hello Umbrjaved,

Last week I had done my first withdrawal from Fiverr. I just got one notification, just as the case is for you, from Payoneer. But the transaction was smooth and within 24 hrs the amount reflected in by bank account. Hope this helps.

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That’s great! Thank you for letting me know :smile:

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