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How Soon Do YOU Deliver?

While the site is down for maintenance, I went over to the Fiverr facebook page and found quite a few sellers complaining about the time off-line, saying their deliveries would now be late. I immediately thought, “WHY are you even waiting until the last minute to deliver?!”, but it made me curious – How close to the deadline do YOU [generally] deliver?

I’m still new-ish, so I never have more than 4 orders at a time to juggle, but I try to deliver ASAP and am usually a day or even more ahead of schedule and I hope to keep that up as I progress.


It depends. If I have one or two small orders I might do them quite quickly to get them done and out of the way. If I have more than that I might do a couple one day and a couple the next day to fit it in with everything else I have to do. I have had some orders that took me longer than I expected and have been delivered uncomfortably close to the deadline.


Some things need time. Like @capitalquality there can be times when I have a lot of work going on and the delivery gets really close to the deadline. Some people pay more for a quicker delivery, and this can inevitably lead to something maybe not being ready as early as I would like.


Thanks for the responses; I guess if I ever find myself in that boat, I can give a disclaimer like some I’ve seen elsewhere – “Please note that unforeseen site issues/maintenance can effect the agreed-upon delivery time. Please understand, should that be the case.”

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It totally depends on my queue and the size of the voice over orders. Most days I’m delivering hours before the deadline, but days like today can be far closer.

I have delivered at least 6-8 so far today, and I still have 13 orders in my queue, all due in the next 24 hours. When a few of them are large it can get interesting (one of my orders today is the size of 10 of my basic gigs, at least half of them are 3-5 basic gigs.) Depending on the complexity, some take far longer than others.

I was about to deliver an order when it went down, but I still had a couple hours before my deadline. It came back up and I still had over an hour.

Earlier today I had two that I delivered in the last 30 minutes, due to a very large order from yesterday pushing others back. IF it had gone down this morning my time, I would have missed both of those deliveries.

Over my last 2,000 deliveries (11 months), I haven’t been late yet, but I’ve had at least a couple dozen down to the last 15 minutes. I work to be hours early, but sometimes life gets in the way.

It was easy when the volume was lower, but sometimes I go to sleep with 10 in my queue, and then more orders arrive overnight, so it can get interesting at points.

I try to clear it each day, but it’s simply no longer possible every day. I feel good if it’s down to 5 or so… but even that isn’t realistic every day.

I relate to those who missed delivering because it went down. So far it hasn’t happened to me, but that’s because I’ve been fortunate AND 99% of the time I’m 4 to 12 hours early.

Just a matter of time when I miss one, but I’m usually early by at least a few hours.


@o@ Woooow! I think I may keep my gig limit on, then, so I don’t end up overrun, once I’m at such a level.

Once your Gig starts working you might find good to limit your orders. It always depends on how your work is going and the time of the year. I’ve found myself delivering up to 17 orders per day during Christmas Season, but then I’ve limited my Gigs to 15 and I still struggle sometimes with my orders, so yes… when Fiverr is down due to maintenance it could bring some headaches…

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Hi there,

I am new here. I haven’t got any order yet.

I wouldn’t say that; it sounds as if you’re making excuses before you even start. The agreed upon delivery time is the clock on your order. Tell customers you’ll get started on their order as soon as you can, and if you deliver in a couple of hours they’ll be pleasantly surprised, but if your delivery time is 2 days and you take 2 days you don’t need to explain anything to them or to apologise for taking more time or give them a reason for it.


Thank you. I haven’t had any issues, so far. I was just saying that if I ever got an order for a “rush job”, i.e. within hours, less than a day, that might be a thing to add, just in case…But I see your point. Duly noted.

I think delivering the order as soon as you can finish a thorough-properly checked work is better. I always try to do that because in case I get any revisions I can do them in the remaining time.