How specialized should gigs be?


Im new here. I am lurking on the forum before writing my first gigs.
In the past I published feature articles in about ten small paper magazines. I have a Journalism degree.
A question about how specialized my gigs should be. I hope the answer to this isnt obvious to everyone else but me.
I have knowledge about:
Alaska Wilderness,
Asian Backpack Travel,
Geography, (BA Degree)
Bicycle touring,
Are all these different gigs, or do I just list all my potential subjects under the same heading in article and blog writing?Looking through Fiverr Ive seen the gigs on all these subjects. Some have specialized sites such as what I listed above, some are quite general.
I dont understand how people write about ‘anything at all’.
Dont they need some background experience before doing the research? I dont think I could write about politics, or 'medicine. I dont know anything about those subjects.
Thank You. Just trying to get a feel for Fiverr before I get to a stable place and give it a try. Traveling hard and fast right now.


There’s no one rule for how specific or general to make your Gigs.

I will say that I tried making ones with lots of options originally. I decided to separate them recently into more specific Gigs.

The Fiverr platform does seem to work better with more narrowly defined Gigs, in my opinion. You’re limited to 1200 characters for a description. You can only add 10 requirements. I don’t know how much you’ve looked into the specifics of creating one, but if you have a few subjects you specifically want to write about, you can add them in a mandatory response multiple choice single answer requirement (which prevents people from being able to easily ask for a subject outside what you’re offering). Another consideration is that Fiverr used to display only one Gig per category from a Seller to display in the search - that’s what I was told on the Forums, I don’t know if it’s still true. Or ever was.

The subject areas you mentioned do sound cohesive, so they could be placed together in the same Gig. My personal thought would be to do that.

You can edit and delete Gigs as well, so the best thing to do is decide on what you think will work for you, and try it.

As far as the ‘anything’ writers - some do quick research to write on any subject. I have heard others sometimes hire other people do do some of the work (which I do not recommend). My personal thought would be to start with what you’re comfortable with. You can always expand into other subjects once you’re more comfortable, if you decide you want to. You might find that you can do quite well with a specific subject area.

(Note: I don’t sell much, but I seem to be able to be somewhat helpful on occasion.)


thank you for your insight… :slight_smile:


Thanks that helps a lot. It will get me started. I plan to make a gig out of each of those specialized subjects to start with.


You can just give it a go and see how it works out when you write about a subject you initially don’t have a clue about. I have a degree in Geography as well, but I have found out (by accident) that I can write quite well about medical and healthcare subjects.

I rather think in terms of type or writing, then in subject. I am good at explaining almost any kind of subject to people and practical stuff, but I am poor at writing more personal articles.


ok, thanks. Interesting.


I work in a different field, so the following only applies somewhat. But Fiverr’s like a department store with buyers strolling around looking at the goods. The easier you make it for them to think Hmm, I want that!, the better.


Given that you don’t seem to want to do research to be able to write on any topic, it’s probably better to specialize because otherwise you’ll get queries from people wanting topics you can’t write about.


No, I didnt say I dont want to do research. If I write an article about some aspect of Alaskan wildlife, even if I am quite familiar with the animal, I will research it out. On the other hand if asked to write an article about hospital care in Alaska, Im sure I wouldnt know where to start. So I thought Ide start with gigs I understand and know where to start my research.


Thats sort of whatI thought when looking around. They might be looking for someone that is familiar with the subject.


You can try with a gig as wildlife or travelling writer (there are some that specified the places they are familiar with). If that doesn’t work, you can look broader. Or you open up a more generic gig as well and see where it takes you.


Thank you. Im afraid I might find that with such a narrow subject list, I might find few buyers. After I get working on it I think Ill understand how to broaden the subject matter. I have a fair bit of experience researching a wide variety of subjects, actually.