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How Starting more than one service helps you to make a good seller


When you start more than one service a lot of work came to you.
When you sell one of your gig offer the buyer your other gig’s may he is in need of that service and order you.
I was only one service of logo designing before but a weak later i start giving service of business cards,posters,letter heads and websites.
These are not too difficult services but you have to take interest in these services than you learn all.
In last,
If you want to get more orders offer more than one gig.This will also increase traffic on your profile.

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Can you send me some buyers to sell my service? :smiley:


bro this is not possible.the buyer will never came with link from one buyer to another because there are a lot of sellers on fiverr. So, why he waste time in all this process.
He will order to a new buyer on that time


but i can give you tips how to get orders


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