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How Strong or Weak is My Gig Description


Hi, guys. I have created a new gig last week but no orders or inquiries yet. I cannot see any buyers requests none come up when I look for them. Here is my gig. Any tips would be great! Thanks.


Great appreciate


I like it. You did awesome.


How do you know that “Most of The Other Sellers” are using text to speech robotic voice overs? Have you ordered from most of the other sellers and found that to be the case?


The price point. Nobody, would work for the price that most of the sellers are including voice-overs for. 600 buys on here and hundreds on other platforms has helped me weed through a lot of services.


Your prices are crazy for your profile. You have no reviews, you can’t justify those prices. The video does not look that good (subjective, I know, and maybe I’m extra picky because I’m a video editor, but still). The voice over itself is alright, but nothing special. My advice would be to either revamp the whole thing or drastically reduce prices to see if the reviews start rolling in.


So you don’t know, you are just guessing. You really can’t make claims like that if they are very likely to be false though (or are you really saying you ordered whiteboards from hundreds sellers and the majority were using text to speech?). People can (and do) still sell a whiteboard video for <$20 with a real voice-over (not text-to-speech) included and still make a profit.


I appreciate the advice but drastically reducing prices wouldn’t be worth my time. I have this down to an hourly wage with or without the investment of a voice actor. I check out some of the bigger guys. Some are getting tons of orders every day. 3 a week for me is a reasonable target. I understand you are viewing this from the eyes of a pro. I have shown people my vids and the bigger sellers whiteboards on here. I have had great feedback. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


How much do you expect to make an hour, exactly? You have to realise that you have no reviews. Gigs with no reviews and high prices will not sell. Simple as that.


You know your stuff. I am weighing what you are telling me. I have sold other services elsewhere. I did use a similar strategy in the beginning. I took a loss for reviews.


Show me one because I can’t find a pro that would give me a price I need to make anywhere near that price work. Yes, I have bought some in the past. Thanks.


Do you mean you can’t see anything in the buyer requests page for the “whiteboard & explainer video” category? Surely you should be seeing buyer requests in there, at least when there are some (which you could respond to) unless the “positive rating%” isn’t high enough or something.

Like people said above, you could decrease your prices until you get more orders, then increase them.

You could also create additional gigs too. Maybe for the existing gig, the gig info video could be speeded up a bit in the 1st 3rd part of the video. Maybe the text in the video could be increased a little eg. for those with higher res screens. Maybe the background music could be increased a bit. Also maybe get rid of the claim that most other sellers use text-to-speech if it is not accurate or not verified.


Great advice :slight_smile: I am waiting on a gig to go live. I didn’t have a category chosen. I just fixed that I have seen 1 buyers request now :slight_smile:


I offer a whiteboard at <$20 with an included real voice-over (not text-to-speech) and would still profit from it.


You live in the UK? You can profit on $20 with a real voice over? I will remove the claim… Thanks.


Yes I do. Thanks for the removal.


Thanks for the insight


A real voice over will take 5 minutes to record. What I think is that you’re expecting to make 50$ an hour or something, and that’s not gonna happen with the gig I’ve seen, specially given that it has no reviews and the quality of the sample. It’s not worth the price, plain and simple. I can buy an amazing voice over for 10$ on this very website, a better video than your sample for another 50 ( or even less ), and get a better product, from established and well reviewed sellers, for a fraction of the cost.


Do you have any advice on how to find a voice actor for a reasonable cost. I can get a cheaper price but the problem is commercial or full broadcasting rights fees. Without those fees, I would have more flexibility and less up-front investment.


There are a lot of great voice actors on fiverr, it’s a matter of doing your search :slight_smile: And btw, what’s the work you do yourself in the middle of this, other than management and outsourcing? Why not focus on a gig you can do yourself in its entirety? That will mean 0 upfront costs.