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How stupid is this?


I’m so tilted right now.

So I have a gig that’s “I will do Instagram shoutout” that was in the “Social Media” Category until a week ago when I get a message that my gig was moved to the “Influencer Marketing” category because it fits my gig better.

Before I was getting 20-40 views a day and about 1 order every 2 days which was fine, but ever since my gig was moved I barely get 3 views. Why is that you may ask? Well when you search for “instagram shoutout” the results are all from the Social Media category.

So basically my gig that is “I will do Instagram shoutout” doesn’t show up at all when searching for “instagram shoutout” because it’s now in a “better” category.

And the funny thing is that the guys that still are in the Social Media category have the same exact gig as I have, they just weren’t as lucky as me.

I’m so done


It is a strange update that many voiced their concerns for when it was first rolled out. Apparently ‘shout outs’ are seen as a type of influencer marketing. Some have had to manually place their gig back into the category it was in prior so this could be an option for you. Hope everything levels out.


Unfortunately I don’t have that option. It’s locked…


I discovered that if I pause a gig, then the category can be changed. Try it.


Not all buyers are aware of wich category to look for a certain gig.

4 years ago I had good sales and suddenly Fiverr staff asked to move my gigs they they thought was a suitable category. You can guess the rest. The hilarious part of the story is there are sellers still using the old category and doing well.

I think a similar thing has happened to you.

Let’s just hope Fiverr’s search improves to include the correct gigs in the results


Doesn’t work for me unfortunately :frowning:


Bummer! CS it is then …


Better place is not livable this time. CS it and following this topic to see thethe outcome.

Best of luck


Every video gig I have ever created has started selling well. 6-12 months later, Fiverr moves every one to a new category, and sales die. Of course, competitor gigs remain where they are. All you can do is give up, sorry. Fiverr doesn’t change its mind. :frowning: