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How Successful Do You Believe The Super Bowl Ad Spot Will Be?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I got the email from the CEO in my inbox.

This seems like a great opportunity for the community and will shed more light on Fiverr Freelancers. So I just wanted to discuss the wonderful prospects and possibilities this could bring.

Are all of us freelancers soon going to be showered with tidal waves of orders from new customers desperately begging to give us their money?

Oooooor are we gonna get an influx of new people all trying to be sellers from this new ad, also trying to cash into the wave?

I don’t know, but I wanna talk about it! Soooo…let’s discuss! :two_hearts:


I think maybe it will attract more buyers to Fiverr. Maybe it will get Fiverr more noticed compared to other platforms. That will be a good thing to sellers on Fiverr.


Yes it would! I can’t wait for that to happen! :two_hearts:


Me too. I also want it to bring us more opportunities. Can I ask you a question?

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Ya sure! Ask away! :two_hearts:


Does anyone know if Fiverr worked with freelancers to make the ad? I think that would have been a cool way to showcase the talent here on Fiverr!


I want to be hopeful - but I fear it might end up with even more newbies (sellers, not buyers). I do think that it depends on the ad, though. If it shows the talent on fiverr - it might be attractive to buyers! If it focuses on how everyone can be a freelancers then yeah.
Or it’ll show both sides and ‘nothing will change’ (since we get an equal-ish number of both).


I’m on the fence with the SB ad.

Before I explain, I will say it is truly exciting to be part of a company (even just as a freelancer) that can afford to purchase advertising during the SuperBowl.

It is most certainly going to elevate Fiverr’s profile like no other form of advertising could.

However, I fear that it will result in a few million more Sellers joining the ranks who probably shouldn’t be here.

I hadn’t considered that it would attract more Buyers…so if that happens, that could be a good thing for Sellers.

I’m just not sure what the end result will be.

But it is still impressive that Fiverr is going to be part of SB.

That is a true sign of the size of the business and it’s sort of cool to say I’m part of that.


I’ve been thinking about it too. Buyers will surely come! But I’m sure other people searching for a source of income will start registering here on Fiverr and try to sell their services too. But let’s hope for the best!! :relaxed:

Same thoughts! Do you think Fiverr should start “filtering” people who register here as sellers? Like what other platforms do?



I do think there should be some different kind of filtering system from the TRS program.

I think newbies should be on a “probationary period” where they have to prove themselves worthy of being here.

Otherwise, the Level system in place is a start.

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to discuss this (this forum has very strict rules), but the best advice I could give you is offer services you know you can do well. Reviews having nothing to do with how I get sales because a lot of customers don’t even leave reviews but I’m still able to get more customers. Sales is a lucky thing based on chance and the Fiverr Algorithm. Just pray (for good fortune or send out good vibes) and you’ll be fine :sweat_smile:

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I really hope so!! If they did, then the people they worked with are REEEEAAAALLLYYY keeping their mouths shut. Which would make sense cause they’re probably under contract to not say a thing or breathe a word till the ad is out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ya same. It all depends on the tone of the ad. I hope they play it like the execs were looking for help with this ad, so they reached out to members of the community from all over the world in a skit like format. Hiring writers to write the script, hiring logo designers/graphic designers to handle the graphics, sound designers and music artist for the music, ALL KINDS OF STUFF AND PEOPLE!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

I don’t want to come off as a snob or elite in trying to say these people should be barred or restricted entry into the system.

But if millions of sellers flood to the site, I’m SURE 1 million, 2 million, or even 3 million people will come in as buyers! So…won’t we need the extra man power and hands on deck to handle the influx of orders? :woman_shrugging:t4::grin: (Trying to be SUPER positive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


Totally hear you on that.

I’m hoping that MORE BUYERS come to Fiverr as a result of the SB ad than NEW SELLERS.

I’m not being snobbish about it.

I’m being realistic.

Millions of new Sellers are going to further water down the offerings here unless Fiverr opens up new categories like “Clog Dancing For Beginners” and “Teach Yourself Acupuncture” along with several hundred other non-traditional freelance categories.

Otherwise, who is going to win here?

At least with MORE BUYERS coming to Fiverr than Sellers, those of us here already stand a chance at making a few bucks, which makes Fiverr a few bucks.


Thanks a lot. I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind.

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Big pro: it will most likely introduce a wave of new buyers (no idea why some people think “100 million Americans watch Fiverr ad” :point_right: “new sellers will join” rather than clients first and foremost) to balance the large new seller influx of the first months of the pandemic.
Huge con: lots of inexperienced first-time buyers means a lot of accidental low ratings, a lot of poorly formulated BRs with low budgets, etc.

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