How The H%*#? Do You Do This?


I tried Fivver about a year ago . . . with frustrating results. I went onto the Fivver site and after much wasted time finally managed to order a gig and paid my $5. I’m sure it was delivered, but I never got it because I never could figure out where or how to get it. Oh well . . .it was only five bucks - still I was a little pissed.

Not willing to give up so easily, I ordered a 2nd gig, paid my $5 and again never got it. Not only that - it was so difficult to simply figure out how to even order a gig that I said, "Oh, the hell with it. I’m outta here."

But now I’m back to try it a third time and am even more frustrated than ever. Do these people even have a clue - or am I just too stupid to do this. Where are the instructions on how to successfully buy a gig? Why is it even necessary to have instructions? Why isn’t it a simple 1 - 2 - 3 and you’re done? Why isn’t this so easy you don’t even have to think about it?

I ordered a third gig day before yesterday - I thought. First I selected a seller to do a logo. I could find no place to give him any instructions like what the name of my business was or what colors I’m partial to, what the tag line was or anything else. The only thing I could find was a big green “ORDER NOW” button. So I clicked it. It dutifully took me to my PayPal account. WTF? Where do I tell this guy what I want? So I backed out of that only to repeat the process three more times with the same result.

So I thought, “Well, in the infinite wisdom of the Fivver folks they must provide a screen for me to input my instructions to the seller AFTER I pay!” Nope! No screen. My five bucks is now on the way to the seller and he will have no idea what it’s for. So much for my wisdom in thinking the Fivver folks had some.

I checked today and found a nice note from the seller asking me what I wanted him to do.

Gosh! Am I really that dumb? I can’t even figure out how to buy a gig on Fivver?

I’m still wondering how this works. Will somebody please tell me? But remember I’m so dumb I have to have the process described to me click-by-click or I’m sure I’ll never be able to follow your instructions.


Gigwork my sentiments exactly. I’ve been training people in software for years and

using this site is not intuitive. You are left very much to work it out yourself. The Youtube channel videos are not straightforward 1 2 3 instructions. They don’t have a a natural flow to them and they are bits of info. What needs to be shown is the various ways you can use Fiverr from a to z.

It doesn’t take a scientific brain to work it out but at the same time why should people have to fiddle around trying to find the best ways to get hold of their downloads via a To Do or through Shopping or through that ridiculous speech bubble thing that has a drop down menu announcing deliveries. Why should buyers have to work out how to use the site there should be regular straightforward hands on training. We are not fools but by the same token we don’t want to waste hours of our time either.

Last rant. Technical support have completely ignored my endless tickets for help. I have now decided that enough is enough and to quit using this site. I hope a better competitor comes along with a more stable site that works!


Thanks bachas85.

Tried all that with the notifications and shopping it only goes so far and then the whole site hangs and I can’t get to download a thing and pages become unresponsive. I was told to get the seller to use Dropbox.

However, I’m fed up with the whole experience of Fiverr. The site really is unstable and whilst you may not have had any problems there are many like me who have. I’m fed up with wasting my valuable time trying to work out why the site hangs when every other graphic site I use is okay. I don’t want to spend one further precious minute debating a site that should really be straightforward to use. All I can assume is that the volume of traffic cannot be sustained and maintained efficiently which is resulting in its becoming unstable for some users. Technical support has proved to be overloaded and unable to sort out what should be fairly common issues!