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How the heck can revisions be requested when they run out?

I am at the end of my rope. I gave the client 12 revisions, of which 3 were already free out of courtesy. After those 12 finished, I kept getting more. I did NOT offer unlimited revisions. How is this possible. I write fiction. I’m being made to copywrite, do a bit of graphical work, just to keep my rating up. But now it is all gone to waste.

I don’t feel, but am being clearly exploited. Should I just blatantly lie about the product to give the client what they want? Is that a requirement to be a seller of Fiverr I cannot seem to fulfill?

I have made 6 unpaid revisions. And now I’ve got another one. FFS.

Say no.
They can click “request revision” an unlimited number of times.
You can say no, send a custom extra to cover the revision or simply keep doing them. However it’s up to you to decide what to do, not Fiverr.

Also, if u wouldn’t mind could you change that second sentence as it’s a kind of hyperbole that doesn’t sit well with me.


I feel sorry to know your experience, but this is the place where you can use your professional skills. you may go for an up selling techniques, and tell your buyer that it costs you when you work for him. But you should be polite and friendly with your client. I hope he can understand. Otherwise you can consult with customer support to let them know about this situation.

See the problem is, they request a revision, and Fiverr tells me to deliver again. The timer started ticking and ran out. This is after all revisions ran. There was no option for me to decline anything. All the gig extras I offered were rejected, and AFTER I sent a request for additional delivery via the resolution center, which charged them a bit, although still quite less than what I should have been paid for the previous deliveries, they requested another revision. I mean. How on Earth. I cannot ensure that I am paid for work, and they can ensure free labor even if they are told to pay? T_T

All examples I’ve seen of CS don’t make me feel any optimistic. I am biting my tongue and being friendly, because in the end they are still human, albeit a frustrating one. Either they believe in me more than I believe in myself to produce a masterpiece, or just like making me revise one thing over and over again.

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If someone comes up to you in the street and asks you for $5, what do you say?
What if they ask again?
What if they ask again?

For me, I say no. Why don’t you?

You seem to be stuck in the mindset that Fiverr and/or your buyers are your bosses. Neither are. You are. Or at least you should be. This means you make the rules about the work you do and prices you charge. Just because there’s a clock, it doesn’t mean you have to do anything.
The issue now is that you have done lots of extra revisions so why should they pay for it now?
Tell the buyer clearly that they have paid for the service which included 6 revisions. Then tell them that you allowed them extra revisions free of charge but that you cannot do that any more after this one.
If they request another then tell them the same thing again with a custom extra for the price. If they refuse it tell them that you are redelivering the order as the work is finished.
That’s it. They have two options, pay or accept it as it is. The problems you are having is because you keep giving them the third option of not paying. That’s ur fault.


Oh, damn. You are right, I can redeliver the same thing. This is my own foolishness. But in this way can the client not wait and make order late by days, and then cancel the order, keeping everything? This has been the biggest order I received to date, but I grow weary now. I am a newbie when it comes to dealing with people, and I don’t know how to professionally handle such things. Thank you very much Mr Finnegan.

Let’s see what happens now.

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They might request cancellation; say no.
If they say anything about going to customer support to cancel, contact support and tell them what you have done and that you are willing to do additional revisions for an additional cost. This SHOULD be enough for support to understand and not to just cancel the order.

They might leave a bad review but they might anyway. 12 revisions is a joke though. Value your time or your buyers won’t.

I can’t guarantee this will go well for you or that it won’t get cancelled if you follow my advice. I’m just explaining how you need to run your business your way, not theirs. Be your own boss - if people try to take advantage of you then deal with it your way. Just don’t let people dictate everything to you because that is depressing and will mean you do 12+ revisions for no good reason.


You have given 12 revisions and he still wants more? He knows he is being unreasonable. He might be hoping you will cancel so he gets free work. I hope you don’t do that. Eoin gave good answers.

You can now start refusing to do more revisions, as much as needed, or start refusing to cancel multiple times as needed also if you choose to.


Yeah. I am not worried* about reviews or anything, I just want this nightmare to be over. I wrote a book, a continuation of someone else’s. I tried to uplift the frankly cliche and mediocre plot, but instead of that I had to write other things as well, and a blurb which, unless I blatantly lie, will not make this book seem like the bestseller the client wants it to be.

Yes, not a joke. The order began in June. If they do request cancellation I will decline and contact Customer Service. The client’s main issue is personal satisfaction, which is not covered by Fiverr’s TOS - the quality of work (though I do say I did not* skimp out on anything, in fact went quite above in delivering) is not a cause worthy of cancelling the order.

No worries no matter how it goes. You have given solid advice and I am grateful for that. :slight_smile: How the rest turns out is my responsibility. There is just no helping it with some people.



Yes, that is what needs to be done. I need to take charge and be my own boss!

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Only four months. Three revisions per month. He owes you $12,000 approximately.

If this started in June you should send him a custom order for whatever the maximum is, which I think is $10,000 and tell him that’s a discount. Also tell him that you have already completed that much work for him at no extra charge.


We need to shopping more. I’m usually down $20 before I get off the bus.


Hello, I’m here because I think this might be about to happen to me because the client is not accepting anything I send. I did a custom offer which I can only see the due date, the price, and the amount of revisions but I can’t see any of the details on other things so I don’t know whether the client is asking for something they haven’t paid for or whether I am not doing the work they paid for. They keep asking for revisions because they want lots of ideas I think