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How The Order is cleared after 2 month the order is canceled


i had 2 order from a same person. and hes satisfied with my works… and the order is cleared. but in 2 month later… i got -112 because the buyer canceled the order and refund the money… its was fiverr mistake but why me the sellers who pay the fiverr loss. its not fair :frowning:


Did your issue got solved.? i also faced the same now


It sounds like you’re the victim of a PayPal chargeback. You can contact Fiverr to talk to them about it. Sometimes they’ll reimburse the money that’s been lost. Best not get your hopes up too much, though, just in case.


This is exactly why Fiverr needs to change their refund policy.


This refund policy is awful. I faced the same issue today. The $150 order was completed 2 months before with the 5 star rating. And after 2 months it was cancelled. I mean seriously??? This is an extreme injustice for seller who work hard for their orders. So disappointed.


even i have 5 star. when i contacted client he got 13.65 usd from 1305$ of order. Where the remaining amount gone ? and then they blocked the clients account too.