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How the sellers can find your gigs when you're new?


Have a nice working day everyone!

I’m a newcomer on Fiverr. I have some gigs about portraits drawing. I have problems with naming the title because there’re a lot the same gigs :frowning: . I think I did choose the great keywords, great tags… but with the huge quantity gigs like my gigs ( they’re top rated sellers, level 2, featured, etc…So, if people search the keywords, they will find out them, not me! my gigs locate thousand miles below. I hope everyone understand my problems and give me some helps. Very thanks !



There’s a tab called “New” which lists the newest gigs in that category that nice customers tend to check out. These will help boost your gig with feedback - but you must do a good job!


very thanks mystic_insight! :x


Also, make a video if you can! One of my gigs used to appear very low on the search results. I made a video for it, and last time I checked, my gig appeared a lot closer to the top of the search results for similar gigs.


thank you so much adrifz :x


First, make use of the buyer request, it will give you access to send 10 offers daily. As this is your best bet for being a newbie on fiverr.

Second, make video for your gig, according to fiverr it increase your sales by over 200%. How true that is, am yet to experience personally but i have video for three of my gigs. The only gigs am yet to create video for are new one because am busy lately. As i personally make all my videos.

Third, make sure you look at the way the top rated seller are setting up their gig as this will show the best way to set yours up.

With these, you should have your first sales soonest.


Reply to @mystic_insight:

Agreed with u :slight_smile:


big thanks to you bestogene !!! :x :x :x