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How this can happen? So disappointed


Hi all!

I think I already read something similar on the forum, but now it seems that it happened to me.

My gigs are basically focused on translations, so few days ago one user contacted me because he needed to translate one text he had into Spanish, and so I did.

He was very happy, he even told me he would like to work with me in future and rated me with 5 stars.

AND THEN, few minutes ago, something changed in his mind and he decided that my translation was quite bad and he gave me a poor rating.

It seems to me very sad to be a swindler just because you want your money back… that by the way, was not so much…

I don´t want to cancel the order, because this is what the user wants… so, what can I do??

Is there some kind of protection for sellers or is only for buyers?



Another one ? Again?

We need to collaborate and stop this trend. Is there a petition that we can sign?


It would be interesting that the rate history could be saved somehow, so you can use it as an evidence against the buyer that tries to cheat you.

But just saying, eh, FIVERR ADMINS! :wink: