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How this man is increasing his gig favorite everyday ? Is there any tricks?

I am wondering to see this man gig.There are only 2 reviews on this gig but gig favorite is more than 100.How is he doing this? I know that gig favorite helps to rank Fiverr gig.Is there any tricks to increase gig favorite like this man is doing. Can anyone suggest me?I just want to know.

He also has 12 orders in his queue even though he only has 2 reviews.
Is it a new gig? I don’t know the answer.

Um just shocked to see this man’s gig.This gig is showing on my homepage(Fiverr) for more than 10 days. Every day his order is increasing.Gig favorite is only the fact :slight_smile:

Lol Can u paste the link of his gig … Lets check out what is he offering so Different ?

Tell people and write in description “Favourite this gig for future reference” or “Click on love button to the right upper corner to order this gig in future”. That’s All

It could be any number of things from him already having an established following elsewhere that he is sending people to his gig from, keyword relevance and potential Fiverr staff favorite, and any number of reasons. Without seeing the actual gig or knowing more about what service they offer it’s hard to determine beyond that. There are even people with 300 orders in queue at any given time and it’s beyond me how they get such a high volume of sales!

Might be a Gig on fiverr somewhere who gives you the favorites and the likes

Hi, there is a trick for increasing favourites, but its against fiverr rules, so i am not revealing here and i have tried it like an experiment and it works and removed it, because it may negatively affect your gigs in future…

You answered the question when you said he is being shown on your home page for more than 10 days. For some reason fiverr has chosen to give him the most impressions.

I don’t know how can it possible. I believe in real favourite and sell smoothly.