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How this work system work


so after pay for the virw dose it go to one vidoe or dose to more go to mroe then say if o pay for 5k or 10 k do u have to pick a vidoe or what do ik befor pay for one



Handsome confused black guy is one of my favorite memes. He so dreamy.

OP, if you want to get good service on Fiverr, try making intelligable sentences that aren’t just a result of hamfisted keyboard smashing. That’s how this system works. HTH.

Also, if this is le expart trole:


I did not peg you for an NBA groupie!

Reading his post made me think I was having a stroke!!



Oh, is he a fresh prince of NBA Air? I just think he’s cute with his bewildered expression when confronted with… well, whatever OP is trying to communicate over time and space to us mere mortals.


This reminds me of the episode of The Cosby Show where Theo found out he had dyslexia.


are u all like 3 just cuz i mess up word like grow up


are u like 3 cuz i mess up my word over text fast tf grop up


I hardly think this is due to the fact that you are typing too fast.


I think you will find it was more than just one word, Jamie. Be honest with yourself. Your OP makes it look like you have a passing acquaintance with the English language and created an unedifying letter salad for the rest of us to chow down on.

And now you’re ofriendead? Oi arm sozry fir dit.


Ah, the old blame tech not me excuse.

“Now I am become OP, the destorier of rwoersd” – Quert Y. Uiop, Frestiona wherwla gog fo sho


really looks good being in this forum… it distracts me from thinking too much about the stress of the day