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How to accept order only from spesific user?

how to accept order only from spesific user , cause i want to focus on 1 user that will paid me monthly salary , yeah i want to focus on his project and doesnot accept other orders


That is not possible

Fiverr is not set up to get paid a monthly salary. The buyer needs to purchase a specific package.

I see you are new. Scammers often contact new sellers to get them to provide work and get paid monthly. This buyer is more than likely a con. Somehow they will cheat you.

If you do not think they are conning you, then make a custom offer concerning what exactly you will do for X amount of dollars. Do not work unless they purchase a gig from you.


You could technically limit your gig to one order in queue, and then have the buyer accept a custom offer in milestones. However, as others have mentioned, it might be a scam.


haha i am not new :slight_smile: i am level 1 seller and i have several returning buyer

millstoen only has 3 milestone and its 100 usd limited

It’s because you’re only level 1. Milestones are limited for you.

Wait, you want to intentionally limit yourself to selling to only ONE buyer on Fiverr?

I do not see any positives to such an arrangement. It makes you completely dependent on that one buyer being consistent and agreeable and closes you off to any new potential business. Fiverr isn’t really designed for sellers to limit themselves to such a degree.


True, it doesn’t make sense at all, lol

I wish this was possible. I occasionally have to use OOO for extended periods of time and would love the option to simply limit orders to repeat buyers I trust. One possible option is to turn on your gig for a particular date and send that buyer a custom offer. Then you can turn your gig back off again and work on their order alone. A rough option, and not as Fiverr intended, but it doesn’t break the rules or anything.

Simply don’t accept orders :expressionless: