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How to access to buyer request from an Android device


From the desktop app I have no problem to see the customer’s buyer request, but I simply cannot look out for buyer requests from my cellphone because I can’t find the “buyer request” hiperlink anywhere.

The computer I’m using now is from a relative and I don’t have access to it 24/7, I only can work at night. When there’s almost no request and the few that are still advaible have been replayed 9 times already.

I NEED to be able to look at the buyer requests from my phone. Help.


Download and install Fiverr’s app.
Login then from the upper left corner click on an icon that is 3 horizontal lines.
Scroll down on the list that appears and you can find ‘buyer’s requests’.


I only can sign in from the app with a new account, I can’t log in with the account I already have.


You can clear your fiverr app cache. Then open it again and I hope you will see the login option for your existing fiverr account.


I cleared the app cache as you suggested, and also reset… And it didn’t work. The options that appear are “join fiver” or “sign in”, and both work for signing in only. Any other suggestion, please?


So I tryed something new, I opened the app , go to the forum, log in from there and go back to fiverrs home page in the app… It didn’t work. I’m still not logged in the app… Can someone say something actually help full?