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How to achieve 2nd level?

Request to all fiverr leaders, please confirm me how can I achieve 2nd level.

Now I am 1st level qualified person.

I have to completed 50 orders from 50 different person?

If I complete 5 order from 5 person each order amount $50 total $250 in 2 month, then can I qualify 2nd level?

Thanks for your valuable comments.

Pls tell me if I complete $250 values order from 5 or 10 orders, then can I qualify 2nd level?

My account age 1 year over.

As I know when upgrading to level 1 they’ve counted the orders from same buyer separately. My 10 orders were from 6 separate buyers. Try to get some help from CS and you should have good ratings as well.

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Exactly!

It doesn’t matter if the orders are from the same buyer or different. But you’ll need 50 separate orders.

I have 28 orders completed, worth $468 but I’m still level 1.

So 50 orders means 50 orders. $250 worth of sales won’t get you level 2 unfortunately.

You need 50 or more orders, monetary value of sales has nothing to do with it