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How to Achieve Super Seller and TRS Badge


Hello All the Honorable Freelancers,

Hope All of you doing Great.

I’m Level 2 Seller on Fiverr and I’m very Interested to establish my worth on fiverr. So I want to ask aboutfew things.

here is my profile link

So is there anyone who can help me
that how can I improve my profile?

What’s the problems​ in my gigs that not Ranked?

How can I Improve my Gigs?

How Can I become Super Seller?

Kindly if someone help me so I will be very thankful.

waiting for response,

Warm Regards,


I don’t know what Foodie or Rover is?

You have a typo in one of your gig titles unless Wodpress is a thing I don’t know about.

upto should be two words - up to
optin needs a hyphen - opt-in
Avoid using capital letters at the front of random words. It doesn’t read well to a native or fluent English speaker.

Your gig descriptions are hard to read with all the random highlighting and capitalization. Maybe consider hiring a copywriter to tidy your descriptions if you want to help increase your orders.


Yea I see tabs instead of spaces in front of his paragraph too.


Sorry I don’t understand what do you means


To get TRS you have to sell and I mean sell, in a way that fiverr notices you from the rest.


I’m sorry I don’t understand please can you briefly tell me that where is problem


You’re going to have to be more specific about what you don’t understand.

Also, you need to change your English language skills from ‘fluent’ to basic or conversational as appropriate.