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How to achieve the $1000/m goal with Fiverr?

Hey guys I’ve been working hard to reach at least the seller one level.

Still I’m making $5 per gig and sometimes $15 when a buyer buys some extra gigs.

The max I’ve made was like $250 in a month… it’s still hard to reach the next step.

My goal is to reach $1000/m on Fiverr before the end of 2020 but I’m not a Level one seller yet.

Any tips ? How did you achieve your first $1000/m on the platform?

Thank you.


Try to add new services and also make the proper use of buyer request section

Here is your answer.

Offering 5$ a gig you will have to have huge traffic to cover for quantity of orders coming in. Are you working on your traffic?

If you want to earn more money you have to raise your prices.
You can also build a simple model in excel to see how many gigs you have to complete for 5$ to get to 1000$ and if you raise your prices and from there you can also calculate what percentage of orders you can loose to make the same amount of money with higher priced gigs.