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How to activate a gig from draft status

hello, i am new to fiverr, i have created my first gig but it is in Draft status. I have filled every thing required but now i do not know what to do to make it active. any one please?


When i was creating a gig. i fill the forum and the gig was ready to go but if you can’t do this then create a new one. it will be best if you watch some video tutorial of how create a gig.

The gig that goes draft actually needs some kind of editing. I was also facing the same problem. Now I edited it and it,s active now. Edit and recheck your gig.

Certainly you need some modification to your gig like edit in image, in your writing. There’s must have some lacking in your gig which kept your gig in draft. Do some edit and submit again. Hope. your gig will be active soon!

@minahmmas: Did you not take note of the date that this was posted last year, with the user likely gone? Your response is 8 months too late!

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Opps! May be I have missed the date. For your kind info I would like to say that I am a newbie here and so there’s might some stupid job done by me. Thanks for your reply and inform me that the post was posted 8 months ago. Hope, there won’t be any mistake again.@rainny_writer


Is it important to attach photos in gallery ?? I have attached two pdf article showing my writing expertise
but still my gig is in draft section what should I do?

You must attach at least one photo.

i’ m new fiver i was many try my fiver activate but i couldn’t activate my fiver account.

my gig video is on pending moderatoin from last 6 days wat should i do now?

This site is just not very intuitive…lets’ face it…Yeah, so i went through a thousand hoops to create one gig…including setting up a financing account, identification, creating images on canva, copy etc etc. AND a TEST too. Now the gig is created and - NOW WHAT?? .'Draft" …OK how do i get it out of draft…I’m not into writing drafts…i want to write gigs…If you can’t see a link, button, message, etc. OK…so where the button that says ACTIVATE? lol. OR if something needs to be edited…OK…So where’s the message that tell you what you need to do ?? There’s nothing.Badly designed interface really …hard to use…probably Chinese designed.The fact that a lot of people can’t even figure out how to do this ( a simple task) and have to come to a forum to find out proves it…


Yeah, but if that’s the case - why don’t they tell you that…If you need a picture to do such and such -where is the note that says you need a picture…Instead of having to resort to ask fellow contractors how to do a simple thing because they can’t figure it out on their own- The interface could be much more properly designed…

Yeah, but if it needs editing…shouldn’t it say that it needs editing to begin with…so that contractors know what to do? Otherwise no one knows what going on…Not your fault …lol. That site wasn’t created by a perfectionist…lol

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activating your account has nothing to do with this post. go somewhere else to find the answer. This is about draft gigs, not your account.

You are replying to someone who posted in Feb 2018.

Maybe you didn’t notice.

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Doesn’t change the fact that he asked about something that was unassociated with the topic.

If we see an off topic post we just flag it.

Welcome to the forum. Take some time to look around. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have written every thing.I have passed written test but my gig is in draft

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