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How to Activate your gig!

Hi guy, If you a have a paused gig and you want your gig to be seen by buyers, you need to activate the gig. You would need to go through the following steps to Activate the gig.

  1. Go to your home page. To get to the home page, click the icon on the upper right-hand corner that has your profile picture.

  2. Click your username.

  3. You will see all the gigs you’ve created displayed with your image/video. You will see that there are two sections right above the gigs that are displayed, Active gig and Paused.

  4. Click on the Paused section and choose the gig that you want to activate. There will be 3 dots, to the bottom left of the Gig image/video, when clicked on you will see Gig Actions. Click on it and then choose Activate.

This is just a tip for those of you who might be uncertain of activating a gig after it has been paused.


You just made it very difficult . Users can easily active their pause gigs by clicking on “Gigs” “Paused Gigs” Then they can active it .:grinning:


There are more than one ways, thank you. And for those who don’t know they will have these information to guide them along the way, so thank you very much for that one.


I know that you are trying to help others.:grinning:
Thanks for sharing it .

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Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


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