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How to active my denied gig?



i want to help. i did Chang my gig photo after it pending approval. but now it denied. so it has a 100% positive feed back and im level 1 seller… so ho can i active my gig again?



from the info you gave, it seems the photo was not appropriate and contains some thing which is not acceptable according to fiverr T&C.

Kindly contact the support team , they will definitely help you.



Reply to @turnkeyz: thnaks bro


This happened to me after the last update. The photo has to be a certain size and DPI. If not, it gets rejected. You should get an email or message stating what is “off” about the image. Good luck. Keep trying. And contact support if you are confused. :slight_smile:


I had the exact same thing happen with one of my gigs. Did contact customer service and they refused to revive the gig, told me to create a new one. I also had many good comments and asked if they could put the comments in a new gig and that was not an option. I never did get it revived.