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How to active my temporarily disabled account on Fiverrr

my account is no longer active so how can I recover it please help me out

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You can’t , You need to contact the Fiverr staff. What is the reason for your to get restricted/ banned?

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received warning on gigs, on my own art work

How many warning letter you received?

2 or 3 warning i had

Oh, then the Fiverr team will need to review your account, it will take time. For because of the current situation ( convi19 + bug) its will take MUCH longer for a staff to actually reply and help you.
What is the reason of getting 2-3 warning letters , are all the same warning?

very bad feeling.
You should contact with fiverr stuff.
have a good day

i can’t login to my account and i received multiple violation warning

What would the point be in Fiverr disabling it if you could reactivate it again?

Do you think there’s some secret to manipulating the system so you can get your account back?

Poor ethics got you where you are. Accept the ramifications of your actions.


I don’t see a possibility to get your account back. You got 3 warnings and it’s most likely it is a permanent ban. If you are saying your account is suspended temporary, then wait until your temporary suspended account gets active again. We can’t help you with anything. CS won’t help you very much too, though.

did you get back your account?
or how much time it takes i also facing same issue.

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